• Materials:
  • Dimensions:
    9' x 40'

Alameda County Arts Commission, Public Art Program, 2006

The World in Creation carries a myriad of symbols sacred to cultures around the globe. The sea represents the source of Creation, the emotions, the unconscious. Turtles represent Mother Earth. Whales symbolize the awakening of ancient knowledge while hummingbirds remind us not only to sip the nectar of life, but also of our potential to achieve the seemingly impossible. The lizard is the keeper of the Dreamtime, and the wolf is the epitome of the wild, free Spirit. The eagle connects us to our higher Self, and the swan and butterfly are both symbols of alchemical growth and transformation. A golden heart, a peace dove and the infinity symbol require no explanation. This work was inspired to assist youth on a pathway of Wisdom, Courage, Power, Balance, Joy, Beauty, and Love.


© Copyright - Thea Becker